Lyrics: Fools Gold

Those steady eyes and that
Ready smile
Can contain the turmoil
Been inside for a while
And then you’ll crack
Like us all
Your nose will run
Like a tap onto the floor

And that will be the grossest thing of all

The speeding dial and those
Flashing lines
Only assimilate the feeling
Of beating time
In this race

Everything else catches up with you

And there’s just one thing left that you can do

‘Cause what we have
Is good as gold
Good to hold
Moulding is good
‘Cause life is change
And change is good
And you are good
‘Cause what we have…
There’ll be an avalanche
On this desert land
It’ll come down
It’ll come down to be
The evidence
Of heaven
I know
I love you
And I know you well

And you’re changing me
Changing me
Changing me
Changing me

4 Responses to Lyrics: Fools Gold

  1. Tim.P says:

    This song is really good my second favourite out of the album, love Tsiestsi im only 14 years old most people listen to metal and such i still do but gee this music is abit more emotional i love this band good job :)

  2. Jeff says:

    I love this song and this group. Their emotional lyrics and musicality is truly impressive. It’s also good to hear some younger kids enjoying this music for this is the music that truly affects people through the emotion and beauty; in the end you will look back and realize this type of music was the most impacting for you, trust me. Thank you Middle East for standing out in the crowd by not being afraid to make beautiful emotion through your music.

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