The “Missing” Tracks

Spunk records calls it “ packaging and a new track-listing..” but you might phrase it this way, “where are the three missing tracks?”. (See discography for more details). I can only speculate about the reasons for leaving three tracks off the EP. Let’s see…

  • They want to save these tracks for a full length release…?
  • They thought they weren’t good enough…? (WAT?!)
  • They thought they weren’t ‘commercial’ enough…? (Tsietsi does go for 13 minutes… and Pig Food for 7…)
  • Eight tracks is too long for an “EP” release?
  • Some other marketing reason…?
  • Some other artistic reason…?

Anyway, if you aren’t lucky enough to own the full version of “The Recordings of the Middle East” then you’re missing out on three amazing songs.

I wonder how the band and/or record label would feel about fans sharing these tracks online. (Hint: check comments).


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