Couple of gig reviews from Melbourne

1. An article from The Vine about the recent 14th of June gig at the Northcote Social Club in Melboure with Kid Sam. The reviewer likes them but has this to say:

One can’t help but wonder if in the conjuring of some spirit – and gosh they do it well – that they rely too heavily on conjuring the spirit. If their drive is also their folly. Which would be a shame because the stirring, glowing music of The Middle East doesn’t need such wooden signposts to make believers out of us.

The full article at The Vine

That article also has heaps of good photos.




2. This is from a show back in February with Leader Cheetah, Super
Wild Horses, The Harpoons:

I can honestly say that before Friday I had never seen a drummer put down his sticks in order to pick up an accordion

The full article at Faster Louder

This one also has some more good photos.




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