Probably more than you wanted to know about “Fools Gold”

So the version of “Gold” aka “Fools Gold” aka “Good as Gold” on The Middle East/Sleeping in Trains split EP is quite a bit different to the version on The Recordings of the Middle East. I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing it’s an older version of the song. The vocal melody is the basically same, but there are some extra sections and some parts are a little different. The multiple vocals breakdown part is kind of not quite there. However there is the beautiful amazing outtro that didn’t make it into the Recordings… version.

Now if only there was a version of this song with the more stripped back guitar and the multipart vocals section from the Recordings… version PLUS the amazing outtro from the Sleeping in Trains EP.


There is. Please enjoy:

It’s from the EP launch show in Townsville on April 24, 2008. From what I can tell they aren’t playing the outtro in the live set any more, but if they ever did I believe it would be something you would not want to miss.


3 Responses to Probably more than you wanted to know about “Fools Gold”

  1. Sam says:

    you should have a section for videos on your site, after seeing this one I want to see more

  2. unkleE says:

    Just a brief note to say (1) there is still the odd tragic who goes back and checks out this website occasionally, and (2) I think the Split CD version is the best version of Gold in every way.

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