Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse

25 November, 2009

Thanks Daniel for the tip:

Just so you know…. Joseph liddy and the Skeleton horse (side project of the middle east) are Playing a show on the 4th of December at Bar me In kings cross before there homebake middle east shows…should be fun

You should check them out because a) they are brilliant and b) you should see Rohin play drums. Check out their old-timey mountain swamp sounds at their myspace.

New song live at Princess Theatre

19 November, 2009

A closer view (thanks Sally):

And there are some other videos from that show available here.

BDO is GO after all

17 November, 2009

Via Spunk Records. Also some other band/tour news here.

No David Bowie though…

Twitter etc

11 November, 2009

…in which The Middle East (or at least their publicist) gets their social media sorted *

…thereby giving this blog a little less reason to exist… :)

* of course this has been around forever

Music podcaster Jeffrey Geoffrey calls TMS the ‘Next Big Thing’

10 November, 2009

Read the article here

He’s also put ‘The Darkest Side’ on his latest podcast.

(via Myspace)

Sydney Festival Trailer featuring ‘Blood’

09 November, 2009

New tour dates including Grizzly Bear support

09 November, 2009

See here for details…

That photo is soo Townsville:

Full Video for ‘Blood’

09 November, 2009

A repost in case you missed it before. This time it’s on Youtube:

TME on ‘Secret Millionaire’

01 November, 2009

They played a few seconds of ‘The Darkest Side’ on this week’s episode of Channel Nine’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ right before a commercial break. Believe it or not.