Blog stats: hit counts are up for 2010

31 January, 2010

2010 news roundup

29 January, 2010

Not to mention Laneway, BDO and Sunset Sounds. Anyone got more?

Three people talk about upcoming bands for 2010

29 January, 2010

It’s a package of three videos by people from Myspace, BRAG, and FBI. All three of them rate TME…

2010: A sound for a new decade

Actually I’m bookmarking that. Nice piece,

UK release for ‘The Recordings of…’ EP

16 January, 2010

According to Splice, the EP will be released on released in the UK by Chess Club on the 8th March. And if you scroll down you can see it there on the Chess Club myspace.

Ps, notice interesting photoshop tweakage on that old, old pic… Time for a photo-shoot perhaps?

Analysis of ‘The Darkest Side’

15 January, 2010

ShaunS has posted some thoughts on the song’s lyrics. See here. Thanks Shaun. I’d never really understood the ‘stuck up a tree’ part. I’d always visualised a suburban kitten! Crucifixion makes sense there and fits with the theme of sacrifice.

Some photos from Q150

09 January, 2010

Click here to see them.

(Thanks orhteJ).

Rohin and Jordan on Video Hits

09 January, 2010

This is awesome. In fact it’s ecl-hectic.
Penny says:

Just to let you know, here’s a Video Hits interview with The Middle East at homebake.
They’ve also got a page in “Frankie” (magazine) this month.

(Thanks Penny)