Long blog post with photos from Mike

22 March, 2010

“after that we went exploring for a little while and found this massive underground room and started doing gregorian styled chants and chamber choir stuff in it”

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Two videos from the Paste Magazine party

22 March, 2010

Sometimes….very rarely.. but sometimes, a band surpasses your already high expectations

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An article on the KEXP show with great photos

21 March, 2010


More photos on the flickr page here:

(Thanks Jordan N)

Extra song available on iTunes

20 March, 2010

Thanks Benn and Jordan N:

Indeed, ‘Recordings of the Middle East (Special Edition) – EP’ contains the additional track ‘Dirty Looks’ and a remixed cover art.


This song is one of Mark’s I think, or at least he does the lead vocal.

Listen to the KCRW session

20 March, 2010

Recorded live at Tequila Mockingbird on Thursday, 18 March

Making an impression at SXSW

20 March, 2010

Mike’s Blog

18 March, 2010

He’s blogging the US tour. Check it out.

cause it was the gibson showroom we had to tape over any guitar logo that wasn’t gibson. fender amps/gweets were taped up and instruments were swapped for gibson ones. bit weird. i got to play a slingerland kit with gene krupa’s initials on the front.

T in the Park, Scotland, July 2010

18 March, 2010

“Best new band of the festival”

18 March, 2010

This guy has 1.4 million followers:

Update: He was in ‘That 70s Show’ and is now a DJ.

First US show went well by the sound of it

15 March, 2010

Good luck. And have fun, you guys…