Rave Magazine names Blood the best song of 2009

Rave Magazine‘s Simon Topper, rates Blood number one, ahead of Animal Collective, YYYs, Grizzly Bear, and erm.. Guy Sebastian?

(click image to make it slightly more readable)

(obviously this is a couple of months old now)

4 Responses to Rave Magazine names Blood the best song of 2009

  1. orhteJ says:

    Wow, very cool news.
    Also news of band member proposing to long time friend of TME is exciting!

  2. glosoli says:

    I’m not sure I’ve heard that one… Care to elaborate?

  3. chelsey says:

    Guy has always been a soul singer/songwriter in a country not known for embracing this genre of music

    the stigma of Australian Idol has made people dismiss him without really finding out about him which is a shame

    if people saw Guy LIVE they would understand what a amazing Aussie talent that he is

    I read that he is off to live in US in the next two years to try and break it overseas – may the winds of fortune be with you Guy!

  4. glosoli says:

    i’ve seen him live. i don’t care that he was on idol. i still think he’s crap. but, you know, musical taste is highly subjective.. for instance, i’ve heard some people actually like joanna newsom.. ;)

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