Review roundup

It’s getting pretty easy to find these kinds of reviews now… Post your favourites in the comments.


“A truly great performance from a truly great band. As much as I actually like their The Recordings Of The Middle East EP, live, this band are a different class altogether. I was utterly captivated by them.”

Read the full article…

On Mumford support:

“…capable of such a huge, lush sound that is grand and quite beautiful. Their recorded stuff really does not do their live show justice. I was blown away by how absolutely lovely the songs sounded and the term “next big thing” instantly popped into my head as they played one gorgeous song after another”.

Read full article…. There’s a bunch of photos there if you scroll down.

Mumford again:

“…their short set got a huge response from the Philly crowd. I like how the music moves gentle between all the band members, they have several singers who ebb and flow together to make these majestic songs breathe”

Read the full article… (Also with photos, scroll down)

With Laura Marling. (Sounds like he wasn’t entirely won over):

“…blending of indie experimentation with the purity of the folk tradition will please what is sure to be a growing international base of fans”

Read the full article…


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