“..might best be described as bandcamp-core”

24 June, 2010

This is about the final gig with Mumford in Dallas:

"…they seemed to have eight different types of rattles and general items to keep rhythmic time with, and the departing tour mates provided the song with a loving commotion that cast a spirit of triumph into the crowd that was already feeling triumphant

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24 June, 2010

Checkout ‘north american man‘ (if you didn’t already see it on Facebook).

A nicely shot video for Blood

15 June, 2010

YouTubers do Blood

12 June, 2010

I’ve put them in order of quality. So start at the top and quit when you can’t take it any more.

The first three are pure awesome.

Slightly less awesome:

This one is actually a live performance (from Belgium):

Not bad:

This guy has literally no idea about the guitar part (but quite a voice):

Ps, to anyone who completely skipped the ending, (and there’s quite a few of you), I’m a little disappointed… :)

Pps, I like to think they all got the lyrics from here

Mumford hearts TME

12 June, 2010


From one Manchester to another?

12 June, 2010