Lyrics: Dirty Looks

I read the words of a thousand books
And gave away my dirty looks
And I cleaned out all my cupboards
One by one

I quit the job that I hated most
My pockets full of hundred dollar notes
But there’s not enough to buy back
What I lost

Now I wash my hair and I clip my toes
I leave the room just to blow my nose
And I shower twice a day with soap

But I don’t feel clean like I thought I would
My sins don’t wash away so good
They stick to me like glue
Like glue

So I pack my bags and change my name
To something that nobody can say
And I’ll squander all my hard earned cash

I speak too slow when I’m most in need
Your skins too soft and your hearts too clean
To be caught up in this awful mess
With someone like me

(Thanks Jacob D)

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