On song ‘burn-out’

21 January, 2011

(Some thoughts after reading the the review here).

It’s not uncommon for bands to become bored of their own older songs and start to resent the audience for wanting to hear them. Overcoming this takes a small attitude shift that comes with maturity.

I once saw Kimya Dawson. Her attitude to the idea that people wanted to hear her popular songs (from the Juno soundtrack) was painful to the point where I almost wanted to leave.

On the other hand: Leonard Cohen… enough said. Can you imagine Coldplay doing a half-hearted, rushed version of Yellow? Of course not! People love your song! Cherish that the heck out of that shit!

Or… don’t play it at all. Radiohead didn’t play Creep for a long, long time. (They do play it now though).

Sunset Sounds review from The Vine

21 January, 2011

It’s really fucking messy… Drunk dudes are yelling out, “Play ‘Blood’!”… They play it, of course; second last song, and it’s great. I wonder if it means anything to them anymore, or whether any such thing has been wrung out through repetition.

Read the article here on The Vine by Andrew McMillen

Were you wondering about the SOYA awards?

18 January, 2011

Apparently TME were in the running. For more details visit the SOYA site here.The two runner ups were Cloud Control and Deep Sea Arcade. The winner was kyü. Who are awesome btw, see here.

Photos from 7 Jan at Enmore

18 January, 2011

By Lauren Farmer

View the set on flickr here

A couple of Falls Festival reviews

06 January, 2011

Band member Bree Tranter whirled around the stage with a tambourine, while Jordan Ireland shook his hips like Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show…

Read the article here (pagesdigital)

…but it was a dark, epic spoken-word piece of prose about The Vietnam War which raised the most eyebrows. No one knew where it came from, no one knew where it went…

Read the article here (laneway magazine)

Sunset Sounds Schedule

05 January, 2011

TME plays the River Stage at 4pm Thursday, so you better get off work early if you’re planning to see them. The full schedule can be found in this pdf file.

(Anyone hard-core enough to leave Sunset Sounds to get to the Starry Field show?)

See Mark play in Brisbane on Thursday as ‘The Starry Field’

04 January, 2011

Have a listen here on myspace. Helping him out will be Joe and Rohin’s brother Jarrad. Here’s the event page on myspace. The venue is ‘The Joint’ in West End.