Sunset Sounds review from The Vine

It’s really fucking messy… Drunk dudes are yelling out, “Play ‘Blood’!”… They play it, of course; second last song, and it’s great. I wonder if it means anything to them anymore, or whether any such thing has been wrung out through repetition.

Read the article here on The Vine by Andrew McMillen


3 Responses to Sunset Sounds review from The Vine

  1. Robert Simon says:

    i just recently came across your song blood, and let me tell you i have never heard a more genuinely beautifully heartbreaking song. 30 years from now if i hear it, i will remember the exact moment in time, what i was doing, who i was with and the way listening to it made me feel, so no i don’t feel listening to it over and over again will wring out its meaning, at least what it means to me.
    BUT you guys are amazing, and i haven’t just relegated myself to listening to your hit songs i am making it a mission to spread your amazingness about the southern united states so you can get enough of a following here to come play iun houston because i think if i saw you guys live i could die happy

  2. JohnO says:

    I have to agree – seeing you guys play in Portland ME (drove up from Boston) was a breathtaking show. I hope you get back stateside. And I apologize for all the brutes in the Middle East venue in Boston who didn’t know who you were and didn’t listen to you. Those bastards.

  3. Gabe says:

    I have seen the middle east twice in the U.S., once with Beach house and then with Mumford and sons. Great shows. What I can’t figure out is why their label did not release the Jesus came to my birthday party EP in the U.S. I mean why tour the U.S & spend all that money if only to promote music you are not going to sell to the U.S. fans. It does not make much business sense. I mean, I am playing the last EP they released down to its last digital groove.

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