Album title revealed: ‘I Want That You Are Always Happy’

28 February, 2011

via @SpunkRecords

Download or stream ‘Black Death 1349’ from the new album

28 February, 2011


Stream here on the Golden Plains site.

New album to be released on the 8th of April

27 February, 2011

(According to Triple J’s Richard Kingsmill)!/triplejtheking/status/41789890052112384

Why no international release for ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’?

23 February, 2011

Gabe writes:

…why tour the U.S & spend all that money if only to promote music you are not going to sell to the U.S. fans… I am playing the last EP… down to its last digital groove.

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It’s a good question. Can any readers shed light on international release schedules?

A fan describes hearing “Blood”

18 February, 2011

…if i hear it, i will remember the exact moment in time, what i was doing, who i was with and the way listening to it made me feel, so no i don’t feel listening to it over and over again will wring out its meaning, at least what it means to me…

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Some photos and a review

17 February, 2011