Rohin & Jordan take us through their debut album, track by track

19 April, 2011

I used to have this Mexican friend called Jesus. He used to say "That’s crazy" a lot. He could say it to anything. I’d say something like "Man I’m hungry", to which he’d say "Crazy".

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TME on TripleJ this morning, some time after 10am

13 April, 2011

Via @SpunkRecords. Streaming available here.

Also they are playing Splendour in the Grass this year.

Cover stars

08 April, 2011

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You can read the article here if you have flash. (Go to page 14).


08 April, 2011

The Middle East on the cover of this week’s Time Off Magazine

06 April, 2011

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The article is here but not here, (at this moment there’s no text, so not sure if it’s a web-site malfunction or what). There is a mention of the album and tour on the news page.

I will repost a link once it appears online.

NME: Radar Band Of The Week (OLD)

01 April, 2011

This is very old, but I must have missed it up until now:

“I’m not sure anything interests me less than being fashionable,” Ireland whispers to his shoes, shooting a sideways glance to flautist Bree Tranter.

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