The Middle East breakup report roundup

(Rohin, earlier this year, talking to The Vine)

"I think we’re going to take it a lot easier than we did in the last couple of years," said Jones. "We’re all pretty young; we’ve all got other things that we want to do, as well. While the band is definitely a big part of our lives, I don’t think we’re going to sell our souls to it again, you know what I mean? We’re just taking it at a leisurely pace. It takes its toll on your relationships, big-time. There’s no medium; there’s no balance. You’re with a group of people for 24 hours a day, which is too much time to spend with anyone. And then the other people who’re important in your life, you get to spend zero time with. Relationship strain is just a part of the road. For me personally, I didn’t see my girlfriend for about four months, and I was just like: "Yeah, this is not gonna fly for me anymore."


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