Rohin Jones @ The Smallest Gig

This is really good. It’s Rohin playing a song, unplugged, in a Sydney back yard:

Rohin Jones @ The Smallest Gig from The Smallest Gig on Vimeo.

Here is The Smallest Gig’s Facebook page.

(thanks Jack for the link)

4 Responses to Rohin Jones @ The Smallest Gig

  1. JEFF says:

    It seems this guy from marf loth is hellbent on destroying Jordan’s legacy. I came across this new band on facebook today – apparently Ireland writes all the music

  2. fan says:

    wow this is good.

  3. Eloise says:

    Ah just stumbled across this today! Thanks a million for sharing the videos! Peace, Eloise- The Smallest Gig

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