More Blood covers?

20 January, 2012

I dug though a lot of pretty bad ones to find these… You’re welcome.. :P

(If you enjoyed that try these older posts. Or you could look for yourself).

Live recording of a recent Rohin Jones set

17 January, 2012

Stream or download the full 30 minute recording here.

A couple of songs from the set are streamable here.

(Thanks tommy from sounddoc).

Jordan to tour the UK & Europe in February

06 January, 2012

See details here via Spunk Records.

IWTYAAH gets album of the year on music blog ‘Sound Doctrine’

04 January, 2012

(Are we going with the acronym now? Did I get it right?)

The article says Australian releases but he puts it ahead of everything on his international list.

Despite being stylistically all over the shop, every single track on the record was dynamite. This would be no mean feat were it simply a ten track record but this thing is fourteen tracks deep and not once did they drop the ball. Whether it’s the funeral dirge that is ‘Black Death 1349′, the hook laden ‘Hunger Song’ or the nine minute acoustic ballad ‘Deep Water’, one can hear a strength in songwriting that transcends genre or mood.

Read the rest here.

Bree performing “Winter” with Kate Martin

03 January, 2012

Here’s some more Kate Martin: (not a Bright Eyes Cover…)

Her Facebook page. She’s from Townsville it would seem.

“Blood” in “Crazy Stupid Love” (and probably not in “New Years Eve”)

03 January, 2012

Thanks Sachal & Pickles

That’s pretty big right? I’m going to go ahead and imagine there are large royalty cheques floating around…

Amazon link. iTunes link.

Unconfirmed: “Blood” is in the “New Years Eve” movie

01 January, 2012

Can anyone confirm this?

I watched the trailer. Truly horrible. Hopefully there’s been some kind of mistake… :P

It’s not.