“Blood” in “Crazy Stupid Love” (and probably not in “New Years Eve”)

Thanks Sachal & Pickles

That’s pretty big right? I’m going to go ahead and imagine there are large royalty cheques floating around…

Amazon link. iTunes link.

4 Responses to “Blood” in “Crazy Stupid Love” (and probably not in “New Years Eve”)

  1. Tommy says:

    It’s actually really poignant in crazy stupid love. I’m not one for hollywood chick flicks but they use it pretty well.

  2. Tommy says:

    AND it’s the most overtly used song in the film, right at the climax.

  3. Pickles says:

    its funny how such a lyrically sad song is used in such a happy moment and works. :)

  4. Luke says:

    Thank goodness it was! Or else I may not have ever discovered the art of this astoundingly beautiful band. At first glance (what is it called for hearing?), I thought it was Loney Dear or Chad VanGaalen, but there was so much more depth and beauty than I would expect from them. After pausing the credits multiple times (there are so many songs in that movie), and not seeing either listed, I immediately looked up the soundtrack and previewed every song until I found it. What wonder! So lovely! I’ve since bought everything I could find. Learned of their break up. Cursed the skies. Found this blog. Wrote too much. Why is it that the gifted bands break up and the horrible ones never die?

    Anyway, thanks so much for what you’re doing. The Middle East is incredible and (already) missed.

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