Anyone else catch Jordan Ireland in the UK/Europe?

A commenter writes:

I went to the Brighton date, it was an absolutely superb set, i really wish i recorded a song or two. They basically just sounded like new Middle East songs but stripped back, as opposed to a new direction like Rohin has seems to have gone in.

Here are the dates in case you need them. He is supporting Holly Throsby (and Tiny Ruins).

(click for photo source)

3 Responses to Anyone else catch Jordan Ireland in the UK/Europe?

  1. Sachal says:

    I’m going to see Jordan today actually, that’ll be my first time seeing a Middle East band member live! The Lexington seem a bit tight on ages though so I might not be let in. I’d be devastated if that happened.

  2. Sachal says:

    Hey, so I just got home from that gig. Jordan was great – said hi to him beforehand as he was eating downstairs. His music was awesome and a few songs of his are really worth recording or something, particularly “People Who Die” and the second song he plays, not sure what that one’s called. Pretty awesome!

    Tiny Ruins was also very good but we didn’t stick around to see Throsby.

  3. Sachal says:

    and finally I took a video of a song of his, although the phone messed up so the video is choppy. The sound isn’t that bad.

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