“Where are they now?” via Sound Doctrine

27 May, 2012

Tommy at Sound Doctrine talks about The Starry Field and gives us a round up of what former Middle East band members have been doing lately. Includes some songs to download or stream.

Read the article here.

Stream Jordan Ireland playing live on FBi radio

21 May, 2012

It’s a two hour radio program called ‘Radiant with Adam Lewis’, first broadcast on May 7. You can stream it here. Looks like Jordan plays five songs live at about the 40 minute mark.

Update: Jordan starts at the 46 minute mark.

Thanks to Mitchell J for the tip.

Rohin to headline “Maybe I Could Be Your Friend” at the Old Museum (Brisbane) on June 22

16 May, 2012

Click for details:

New release by Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse

15 May, 2012

Part 2 of Joe’s EP is out and available in iTunes. Looks like this is available in the US iTunes also, see here.