Rohin to headline “Maybe I Could Be Your Friend” at the Old Museum (Brisbane) on June 22

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7 Responses to Rohin to headline “Maybe I Could Be Your Friend” at the Old Museum (Brisbane) on June 22

  1. unklee says:

    So he is RL Jones now rather than Rohin? How much of an image change otherwise?

    What’s your take on where he’s at? Without having the background you obviously do, it seems to me that Rohin may have been originally been the main creative force in TME, and his preferred style was either indie rock (the Split album) or slightly grandiose, Sigur Ros rock with semi-falsetto singing (his work on the original Recordings …).

    My ill informed guess would be that Jordan’s rise as a singer and eventually songwriter, plus their extended tour in the US led to the band going more in the folkie acoustic direction and Rohin trying his hand at more whispered and even growly vocals, and continuing the acoustic music of necessity because he was now performing solo.

    Do you think that’s how it is? And do you think he’s happy now?

    • Sachal says:

      Nah. I think in interviews even Rohin said that they’d thought their old songs were kind of lame, and Jordan had spoken about how he was growing tired of playing folk all the time (I was also under the impression Jordan wrote Pig Food). I think the songs they wrote in 2005 and from the Recordings were pretty much a kind of teenage / young energy kind of thing, after which their sound ‘matured’.

      I think one reason their sound was really folksy for the 2011 album was that they spent a lot of time recording on the road and were incredibly dissatisfied with most of the material they’d put out, and they said they’d scrapped like ‘two or three albums’ worth of material’ in the process.

      I think Rohin’s happy now because he’s still making music, and he has more freedom on what to make than the later stages of being in The Middle East. The Gasometer set was pretty awesome.

  2. unklee says:

    I and at least one friend like the earliest stuff the best. My favourite TME tracks are The Bats and the Brave, Gold (the original, not Fool’s Gold), Blood and Pig Food.

    I know Jordan sings Pig Food, but musically it seems like a Rohin song, and Jordan sang on Darkest Side which Rohin wrote, and I think ditto with Blood. But I’ve been wrong before ….. (many times!)

    I’d love to hear the two or three albums of songs and alternate versions. Maybe Spunk will release them in some out-takes album, and recoup some more of their investment?

    Glad to hear you think Rohin’s happy.

  3. unklee says:

    PS, is that Gasometer set listed here anywhere? Any reviews or audio from it??

  4. Sachal says:

    I’m not sure, cause I swear they have said the Recordings was an even more collaborative process than the 2011 album, which means that most of the songs weren’t probably only a result of Rohin’s writing. Also on an interview Rohin said there was no chance of that being heard as he was feeling bad enough about releasing the final product (they don’t think very highly of anything they do, pretty self-depricating).

    My friend and I like the earlier stuff kind of more too, but the 2011 album has really grown on me. They’re really good with the album process and mood shifts within their albums, I really love that kind of stuff.

    The Gasometer show, half an hour long, can be listened to in its entirety here

  5. Sachal says:

    by “that being heard” i mean the tons of scrapped material

  6. unklee says:

    Thanks for that.

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