A couple of Liddy Reviews

These reviews are from the Jonathan Boulet support gig with Wolf Cub and Liddy at the The Metro Theatre, Sydney, on June 30.

Andrew Yorke writes:

…sporting cycling jerseys, the sextet perform stompy, churny, shouty, country-tinged, whiskey-soaked blues… the audience is left to their own devices in the longish gaps between songs, creating a relaxed vibe akin to watching a group of friends jam in a loungeroom.

Read the article here (thebrag.com). “new project” lol.

Jessie Hunt writes:

…appeared a little disinterested in the whole performance, with their bass player spending most of the set with her back to the audience. However, the band’s incredibly impressive cover of the Bob Dylan track The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll made up for everything…

Read the article here (themusic.com.au).

It seems like most, if not all, the R.L. Jones band are currently part of the Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse lineup. The band seems to be gaining some momentum at the moment.

Ps, if you have never heard of Jonathan Boulet, give this a quick listen:

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