reviews R.L. Jones and friends’ Old Museum gig

28 June, 2012

Read the review here, written by Mitch Knox.

He seems to know what the songs are called. Perhaps a set list was nabbed.

  • On The Bayou
  • Hammertime
  • Everybody Wants To Be Your Friend
  • It Could Be Alright

BTW I missed the first two bands. I thought Pete Cullen was awesome…

R.L. Jones EWtBYF track list (and photo)

28 June, 2012

01 Everybody Wants to Be Your Friend
02 On The Bayou (Demo)
03 Wonderful World (by Skeleton Jack)

R.L. Jones CD $10

22 June, 2012

Listen to “Everybody Wants To Be Your Friend” by R.L. Jones featuring Adalita

18 June, 2012

Read the Mess and Noise article here or go straight to Soundcloud.

Jordan Ireland playing live show in Sydney, July 14

08 June, 2012

The Gate presents "Sound/Light/Stone", see image for details.

Checkout Rohin’s new Facebook Page “R.L. Jones”

08 June, 2012


(via @Spunk_Records)

Bree Tranter – Winter

03 February, 2012

Rohin Jones @ The Smallest Gig

16 October, 2011

This is really good. It’s Rohin playing a song, unplugged, in a Sydney back yard:

Rohin Jones @ The Smallest Gig from The Smallest Gig on Vimeo.

Here is The Smallest Gig’s Facebook page.

(thanks Jack for the link)