Bree at Golden Plains

19 March, 2011


Photos from 7 Jan at Enmore

18 January, 2011

By Lauren Farmer

View the set on flickr here

Slottsfjell (Norway) 2010 photos

18 July, 2010

You can tell it’s going well when Bree levitates…

13 July, 2010

Via @RSSchaefer


24 June, 2010

Checkout ‘north american man‘ (if you didn’t already see it on Facebook).

Coachella Photos

22 April, 2010

It’s a tough time-slot at a festival. Was anyone there?

And some bonus photos from a gig with Passion Pit, not sure where:

Some photos from Pavement gig at Fox Theatre, 15/4/10

21 April, 2010