Andrew McMillen interviews Rohin for TheVine

27 May, 2011

I didn’t expect that EP to [do anything beyond] just hearing it when I went home, because my parents were playing it. That’s about as much as I was thinking at the time. I don’t think we anticipated anything, to be honest.

The article by Andew McMillen covers a number of topics including getting the band back together, hanging out with Robert Schneider, the stresses of touring, Rohin’s solo material, and hardcore double kick drum.

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Cover stars

08 April, 2011

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You can read the article here if you have flash. (Go to page 14).

The Middle East on the cover of this week’s Time Off Magazine

06 April, 2011

Via @TimeOffMag

The article is here but not here, (at this moment there’s no text, so not sure if it’s a web-site malfunction or what). There is a mention of the album and tour on the news page.

I will repost a link once it appears online.

NME: Radar Band Of The Week (OLD)

01 April, 2011

This is very old, but I must have missed it up until now:

“I’m not sure anything interests me less than being fashionable,” Ireland whispers to his shoes, shooting a sideways glance to flautist Bree Tranter.

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NME’s 17th best new band

19 August, 2010

“Touted by Marcus Mumford as the most inspiring new band around.”

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Commentary at Stereogum

Rave Magazine names Blood the best song of 2009

01 March, 2010

Rave Magazine‘s Simon Topper, rates Blood number one, ahead of Animal Collective, YYYs, Grizzly Bear, and erm.. Guy Sebastian?

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(obviously this is a couple of months old now)