Reviews for Jordan Ireland’s “Stolen Violin”

26 September, 2013

At ‘Literati Co

…instead of creating an album that is instantly or easily likeable, Ireland has tried to just do something honest.

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At ‘The Music

…give it some time, let it sink in nice and slow, and you might just find yourself moved by something just a bit different, and a bit beautiful.

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A couple of Liddy Reviews

11 July, 2012

These reviews are from the Jonathan Boulet support gig with Wolf Cub and Liddy at the The Metro Theatre, Sydney, on June 30.

Andrew Yorke writes:

…sporting cycling jerseys, the sextet perform stompy, churny, shouty, country-tinged, whiskey-soaked blues… the audience is left to their own devices in the longish gaps between songs, creating a relaxed vibe akin to watching a group of friends jam in a loungeroom.

Read the article here ( “new project” lol.

Jessie Hunt writes:

…appeared a little disinterested in the whole performance, with their bass player spending most of the set with her back to the audience. However, the band’s incredibly impressive cover of the Bob Dylan track The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll made up for everything…

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It seems like most, if not all, the R.L. Jones band are currently part of the Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse lineup. The band seems to be gaining some momentum at the moment.

Ps, if you have never heard of Jonathan Boulet, give this a quick listen: reviews R.L. Jones and friends’ Old Museum gig

28 June, 2012

Read the review here, written by Mitch Knox.

He seems to know what the songs are called. Perhaps a set list was nabbed.

  • On The Bayou
  • Hammertime
  • Everybody Wants To Be Your Friend
  • It Could Be Alright

BTW I missed the first two bands. I thought Pete Cullen was awesome…

IWTYAAH gets album of the year on music blog ‘Sound Doctrine’

04 January, 2012

(Are we going with the acronym now? Did I get it right?)

The article says Australian releases but he puts it ahead of everything on his international list.

Despite being stylistically all over the shop, every single track on the record was dynamite. This would be no mean feat were it simply a ten track record but this thing is fourteen tracks deep and not once did they drop the ball. Whether it’s the funeral dirge that is ‘Black Death 1349′, the hook laden ‘Hunger Song’ or the nine minute acoustic ballad ‘Deep Water’, one can hear a strength in songwriting that transcends genre or mood.

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Mess & Noise review by Doug Wallen

06 May, 2011

It’s frustrating but also somehow admirable. Instead of simply writing a record of first-listen love affairs like ‘Blood’, the band is making us work. Making us actually listen hard, take our time, and scan the back pages for whatever meaning we may find.

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Check out the commenters also.

Paste Magazine’s Top 20 New Bands of 2010

29 March, 2011

TME makes it to number 12 in a list topped by Mumford and Sleigh Bells.

Read the article here, in which Rohin mentions his broken collarbone.

(Thanks to @AudioDaughter for the link).

Sunset Sounds review from The Vine

21 January, 2011

It’s really fucking messy… Drunk dudes are yelling out, “Play ‘Blood’!”… They play it, of course; second last song, and it’s great. I wonder if it means anything to them anymore, or whether any such thing has been wrung out through repetition.

Read the article here on The Vine by Andrew McMillen

“ their music is absolutely amazing”

14 July, 2010

“…many around me were in awe and drew responses like “that was awesome” or “they are really, really good”. They were really good.”

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Clash Music “Ones To Watch”

14 July, 2010

Bree is “pretty much the only reason I passed my degree,” Rohin admits. “I’m a terrible student…”

Townsville is described as a “flint-tough dustbowl in north-west Australia”. Close enough.

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Making an impression at SXSW

20 March, 2010