Band Members

Jordan Ireland
Guitar/Lead Vocals (eg, Blood, Darkest side)
Rohin Jones
Guitar/Lead Vocals, (eg, Lonely, Fool’s Gold)
Bree Tranter
Joseph ‘Liddy’ Ireland
Plus he sings the ‘good to hold’ part in Fool’s Gold (at least in some recent live shows)
Jack Saltmiras
Mike Haydon
Drums/Piano Accordian
Mark Myers
Guitar/Trumpet/Flute/Piano Accordion

Past members

Tim Barwise
(replaced by Jack some time around September 09)
Javed Sterritt
Drums/Piano Accordian
(Prior to Mike taking over)
Jarrad Jones
(Jarrad, Rohin’s brother, was the original drummer)

Other Bands

Rohin plays drums and Jordan plays guitar in Joe’s band ‘Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse‘.

Jack has some solo material is at ‘Skeleton Jack‘ which probably features Javed, Mark and Rohin to varying degrees.

Mark sometimes performs solo material under the name ‘The Starry Field’.

31 Responses to Band Members

  1. Tim says:

    the “new” drummer is a fill in one called Mike Haydon. :)

  2. Alex says:

    Hey there,

    Joseph doesn’t sing the Good to hold bit on the album, thats Mark Myers who does that bit. Javed is also not the drummer. Thats Mike now permanently.

  3. Andrew says:

    It’s Liddy, not Liddly

  4. Alex says:

    The original drummer was Rohin’s brother Jarrad, not Javed.

  5. glosoli says:

    Cool, thanks. I will add this info.

  6. Phoenix says:

    jack is bree’s younger brother

  7. werewolf says:

    hahaha… he’s not her younger brother.

  8. glosoli says:

    older? or twin……?

  9. werewolf says:

    they’re not related

  10. glosoli says:

    Woah! I can see I am way too trusting of you random internet strangers…

  11. glosoli says:

    It was believable because they both have dyed orange hair at the moment… o_0

  12. werewolf says:

    haha, too trusting…
    jack is a friend of a few of the bands in townsville, like tme and liddy. he does his own stuff too. he’s a sweet musician. they don’t have dyed hair though, that’s their real hair colour.

  13. autumn says:

    this was hilarious to read, because i know jack. his last name is saltmiras, by the way.
    rock on.

  14. Winston says:

    They’re half siblings, same mother. They grew up in different families so they don’t have the whole brother sister thing going on, but they are related. A lot of people don’t know, even some of their friends.

  15. jack says:

    who is autumn?

  16. churchill says:

    what a load of.

  17. Maddie says:

    Hmmm Jack and Bree aren’t brother and sister. Jack’s MY brother:) no joke

  18. kellie edwards says:

    My word, you guys are such an inspiration and i love your music :)
    Bree you voice is a ange!!
    The guitar is perfect:) i am attempting to learn fools gold atm :)
    wow just every thing is perfect

    dont change ever
    your biggest fan

  19. creekfolk says:

    hahaha jack and bree related with dyed hair, im totally going to tell him that. you have got it pretty accurate now though.

  20. Singer Snob says:

    Bree’s voice is of an angel. Seriously all I want to hear is her voice. No other singers in the band stick out. Just let Bree sing more and the guys less.

  21. DarkestSide says:

    who sings the last verse of the darkest side, because he sounds different to the first male lead.

    Beautiful music with beautiful lyrics.

  22. glosoli says:

    That’s Rohin.

  23. Lucas says:

    They don’t have dyed hair, it’s been that colour since school.

  24. Candis says:

    Joseph ‘Liddy’ Ireland
    Plus he sings the ‘good to hold’ part in Fool’s Gold (at least in some recent live shows)

    No, Joseph doesn’t sing that part and never has.

  25. deanowski says:

    I know these guys well. Jo’s dad is my pastor and I used to go to church home groups with them frequently. Jo also used to play bass in my old band!!!!!

  26. Steve G says:

    My guess is that on the new album Rohin sings tracks 2, 6, 8, and 13. And other than “Jesus”, Jordan sings the rest. Am I close? (US fan–I don’t have “My Baby”.)

  27. Ivan says:

    I fell in love with these guys just few minutes ago.. They mesmerized me in a sec.. Cheers from Serbia..

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