The Middle East t-shirt clearance

25 February, 2014

Spunk records needs to clear out the storeroom. Can you help them? Limited sizes. $10.

Here’s the direct link.

Via @spunk_records

Ps, does it actually mention the band’s name, or would that have been too mainstream? :P

Rohin’s follow-up Dulux comercial

28 January, 2014

Via gaga.

Here’s the long older one (also via gaga) which is available on iTunes.

Bree Tranter touring with Matt Corby in October

27 September, 2013

More details here via See the actual dates and venues here.

Bonus: Here’s Bree helping Matt Corby perform his song “Big Eyes” a couple of years ago:

Reviews for Jordan Ireland’s “Stolen Violin”

26 September, 2013

At ‘Literati Co

…instead of creating an album that is instantly or easily likeable, Ireland has tried to just do something honest.

Read the full article here.

At ‘The Music

…give it some time, let it sink in nice and slow, and you might just find yourself moved by something just a bit different, and a bit beautiful.

Read the full article here.

New album from Jordan Ireland’s new band, Stolen Violin

02 July, 2013

It’s called “Temperate Touch, Tropical Tears”.


Hard-to-find Split EPs up for grabs

18 October, 2012

(Requires a Facebook like to go into the running).

See the details over on Sound Doctrine.

How to (really) play Blood on guitar

08 October, 2012

By Dave Mann who previously brought us this cover of Black Death 1349