Joseph Liddy’s new single (and upcoming album release)

You can grab a preview of the song “Sandyman” here.

The following is straight from the press release:




out soon via Glenlivet-A-Gogh Records.

Former ring leader of Joseph Liddy & The
Skeleton Horse, Joseph “Liddy” Ireland swaps wild garage
blues of Jon Spencer/Tav Falco for the sweet
soulful seventies on his new track “Sandyman” the
first single off his forthcoming debut solo
record. Self-recorded by himself and then mastered
by Glenlivet-A-Gogh go-to masterer Owen Penglis
the record is unlike anything you’d expect from
2014. In between cycling and painting Ireland has
created a multi-colored trip partly inspired by
Prince-like soul, Seals and Croft- melodies,
Steely Dan-arrangements and Frank Zappa solos and
Motown madness. Filled with exciting sounds and
explosive unexpected surprises it sounds as if it
was recorded by someone who’d been stuck inside a
bunker since the seventies – or at least stuck
inside a room in Newtown for a few months
listening to nothing but the hits. The 9- track
debut will be available on vinyl/digital sometime
in April. Featuring backing vocals from his wife
and housemate – most recently Ireland produced and
played on long- time collaborator/another NQLD
penal colony inmate Nathan Roche’s debut solo
record “Watch It Wharf” – its not hard to tell
what mad man came up with the experimental noises
on that one. Never the less, Ireland goes all out
on his own this time around and it pays off big
time – “Sandyman” is a sandy taste-tester.

Launch tours w/Nathan Roche (releasing his
“Magnetic Memories 12”) around the country in

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