Tour Dates

Since the band broke up in 2011 there are no more. I might post tour info on the ex-members projects on this blog. For old dates I guess you chould check myspace or the facebook tour dates page or the the facebook events page or maybe or check the Gigs category here.

22 Responses to Tour Dates

  1. Connie K says:

    Could you please let me know if/when you are planning a tour to Adelaide? Thanks, Connie

  2. John says:

    another one for adelaide please come!

  3. Pernille says:

    Please visit Denmark!

    Thanks for your beautiful music

  4. Daniel says:

    Just so you know…. Joseph liddy and the Skeleton horse (side project of the middle east) are Playing a show on the 4th of December at Bar me In kings cross before there homebake middle east shows…should be fun

    • Candis says:

      This isn’t A side project of the middle east. Its just Joseph Ireland and his genius. He writes everything, its all him. let him have his own identity without the middle east.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Just saw you guys at Sunset Sounds in Brisbane, i am in total awe of your music! Can’t wait to catch you at BDO Sydney :)

  6. Matt says:

    Please come to Sydney! I missed out on tickets to Big Day Out. Please Come to Sydney. You know you want to

  7. Chris says:

    Come to Canada please!! in particular Edmonton or Vancouver!

  8. Mike Duffy says:

    Why is Toronto not included in your tour dates?

    You realise that it’s the 4th largest city in North Amercia.


  9. […] Mike on this blog: Why is Toronto not included in your tour dates? You realise that it’s the 4th largest city in North Amercia. Mike. […]

  10. Sara says:

    Hello :)

    Just a heads up to the band (hopefully you’ll see this), on your official website under “Chase” it says the May 5. 2010 gig at the Horseshoe is in Atlanta, Georgia when it is actually in Toronto, Ontario. (I’ll be seeing you then!)

    Anyways, cheers:)

  11. Dane says:

    What is the spoken word song you played in Webster Hall? It was amazing but I cannot find it anywhere!

  12. TOLE says:

    why you dont come to indonesia is near from your hometown eh??

  13. akeel says:

    We went to the first uk concert at the deaf institute and it was certainly an experience.
    Shame pig food wasn’t on the set. Just read the lyrics after searching the past 6 months! Pure class!!

  14. Garrett Hunt says:

    I hope you realize one day, that the U.S needs you.

  15. Anders says:

    COME to sweden we love you

  16. abby jameson says:

    the first time i heard one song from this band i got as many of them as i could find. never gets old. probably my favoritee

  17. Topicz says:

    Chicago or Madison? Or somewhere in the US? Please! I’m beggin’ here!

  18. Pdizzzy says:

    People love you here in TORONTO….. come, come now and play every night for forever if you can

  19. Alec says:

    hey! what about 24-25th may 2019

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